About Us

No matter your company’s size or your technology’s complexity, our aim is the same: we Put Clients First.

Tower 23 IT’s success dates
back to 1997

In our early years, we were a unit of Ventura Telephone Equipment in Tucson, AZ. Known then as Tower 23 IT Communications Group, our primary business was telephone installation and cabling, and as an Avaya Business Partner we were focused on small- to medium-sized companies. Our experience with combined voice and data networks -- such as VoIP phone systems -- gave us a head start on other companies breaking into the network technology game.

In 2006, Tower 23 IT transitioned to all-inclusive IT support services with a specialization in the healthcare market. Today, Tower 23 IT has offices in Tucson, Phoenix, and San Diego, and continues to execute our IT support model in the healthcare, legal, financial, engineering, architecture, and contracting vertical markets. Our uniquely dedicated approach to customer care has led to a decade of growth and a position as a Western US market leader.

Clients Come First

Our technicians, project managers, strategic advisers, and administrative personnel all hold certifications from leading manufacturers and professional organizations. This ensures they possess technical expertise and observe industry best practices, but not simply for the sake of enhancing their resumes. It’s because -- in the short term and long term -- it will enhance our clients’ IT. That’s why we’re in this business.

Corporate Responsibility

Giving back is a value that’s reflected in our annual contributions to a number of local charities, including Arizona’s food banks. Our spirit of sharing is also manifest in our embrace of volunteer opportunities such as our participation in various activities for non-profits like Jewish Family and Children’s Services, Our Family Services, Literacy Volunteers of Tucson, and the Southern Arizona Aids Foundation.