Why Your Business Needs a Cyber Policy That Includes Business Interruption Insurance

By Scott Cooper and Stan Hartman.

Imagine this: You try to update your business’ software and hardware regularly, stay on the latest technology and security trends, and educate employees on best practices. Despite your efforts, you get hit with a ransomware attack that leaks sensitive customer information, shuts your business down for days, and forces you to lose revenue during the busiest time of the year.

The Magic of Tidying Up Your Digital Spaces

By Scott Cooper.

It’s time for digital spring cleaning. Just like you are sweeping away and packing clothes for donation, now is the time to dust off your digital closet too. Here are a few simple tips to get your tidying started:
1) Organize and delete old social media profiles
Sit down and make a list of all the social media and business sites for which you have a profile.

How do I maximize my Microsoft Teams?

It can be overwhelming to have several windows pulled up to manage your email, company chats, and any cloud storage that isn’t compatible with your inbox. Microsoft Teams helps streamline the basic necessities of office work to help you overcome the tedium of multitasking. The convenience of chat apps has enabled workers to cut down […]

5 social media tips to drive your growth

Finding the right channel to promote one’s business is a growing challenge in the digital age, with social media acting as an indispensable business tool. The question is, what else can you do aside from updating your status? Here are five ways to help you enhance your social media marketing. Social media has helped businesses […]

Take notes the modern way with OneNote

OneNote is a useful but underutilized app that comes with Microsoft Office. It enables you to create and share digital notebooks that contain text, audio, video, and other multimedia, taking your note-taking to another level. Discover the ins and outs of this wonderful app by reading on. Organize your digital notebook While both Microsoft Word […]

The pros and cons of EHRs

Is digital the way to go for the healthcare industry? Experts see no other way forward, as demonstrated by the popularity of electronic health records (EHRs). However, critics of this new recording process have pointed out major flaws that aren’t present in its traditional counterpart: paper-based recording. Read on to learn more. What is an […]