Mission & Values

The first derives from the second: We strive to treat your IT as carefully as our own, because we Put Clients First.

It may be a bit clichéd, but business really is about relationships, especially in a customer service environment like technical support delivery. As such, our central focus from Day 1 has been never to ask “How can this project benefit Tower 23 IT?” but, “How will it benefit the customer?”
We put clients first.

We believe that every possible effort should be made to maintain the integrity of our clients’ data, while never losing focus on their IT infrastructure stability and security. Ultimately, our mission is to ensure that our clients’ most important asset -- their employees -- are always able to do their work and remain productive.

Tower 23 IT’s mission is to ensure your IT gets the care and attention that our own does. This comes from an understanding that IT isn’t your business, it’s ours, and you need help making sure it works on-demand, at any time, from any device. And even though we’re not exactly a philanthropy, our guiding value is to be unselfish whenever dealing with client requests.

We Put Clients First

Above all else, on every project, in every interaction

We Pursue Perfection

“Adequate” is not enough in today’s competitive world

We Perform Urgently

Big tasks or small, you’ll observe technicians who care

We Deliver Quality

High-performing IT is where the rubber meets the road

We Communicate Clearly

We’re our clients’ partner, so we interact transparently

We Operate with Integrity

Every strong business relationship is founded on trust