IT Audits & Documentation

Companies of all shapes and sizes need netCHECK to evaluate their IT’s performance and document their IT policies.

Advances in hardware and software happen fast, which can sometimes negatively affect your business’s operations.

Unless, of course, you keep abreast of such developments, evaluate how they could impact your business, and develop a big-picture understanding of your organization’s IT infrastructure. One of the surest ways of accomplishing this is by conducting periodic reviews of your technology, evaluating the things that most influence your daily operations, and recording your findings.

Tower 23 IT’s IT Audits & Documentation service -- aka netCHECK -- analyzes developments that can influence your cyber-security, data backups, employee productivity, and more. Whatever devices you use, whichever operating systems, and whatever size your office is, you should complete a full accounting of your IT infrastructure to ensure peak performance and security.

Our service includes the following for SMBs:

  • Audits performed on a monthly, semi-annual, or annual basis
  • Comprehensive evaluation of all aspects of your IT infrastructure
  • Hardware & software recommendations and life-cycle planning
  • Thorough documentation with state-of-the-art reporting software
  • Experienced auditors who understand your specific business’s needs

Are you doing everything you can to minimize downtime, maximize efficiency, and stay safe from cyber attacks?

Let a Tower 23 IT technician peek at your IT’s performance and present recommendations on potential improvements.

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