Under 10

Under 10 was conceived and designed for the small and growing company of ten or less employees in mind. While your IT might be simple now and cash-flow might be an issue, Tower 23 has designed a support plan to cover IT basics that every company needs to have to keep users secure, safe and productive.

Feature Under 10
Network Documentation
Anti-Virus / Ransomware / Spam Protection
Local and Remote Data Backups
Proactive Technology Management
Remote and Onsite Reactive Support
Dedicated Server Administrator
Dedicated vCIO


A complete documentation of your environment including “how to guides” and “known issues” that is readily available to our staff to speed the resolution of any issues you might encounter.


Anti-Virus / Malware
/Spam Protection

We include a full suite of products needed to keep the bad guys at bay.


Remote Backup

We provide both the processes and technology to insure your data is backed up and available in the event of a catastrophe.


Proactive Technology

From server reboots, software updates and checking/testing/auditing data backups we insure that all the correct proactive items are done on a regular basis to increase stability and security.


Remote and
Onsite Support

90+% of the items we resolve are done remotely but when we are needed onsite we will be there by your side to get your employees back to work.


Dedicated Server

The Server Administrator manages your IT alignment to best practices.


Dedicated vCIO

A virtual Chief Information Officer, technology consultant, manages the business relationship by developing your IT Roadmap including an annual Strategy, Plan and Budget so your IT can take you where you want to go.

Are you doing everything you can to minimize downtime, maximize efficiency, and stay safe from cyber attacks?

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One IT Now is comprised of all the components of an enterprise-class IT support program, but tailored to the needs of small- to medium-sized businesses.

One IT Now Plus extends the level of support to include specialized areas where you may require a strategic differentiator to gain an advantage on a competitor.