Small Business Productivity: The Importance of a Human Resources Information System (HRIS)

Small Business Productivity: The Importance of a Human Resources Information System (HRIS)


The digital age is upon us – say goodbye paper clutter and hello systems automation! A human resources information system, or HRIS, is a powerful productivity tool for small businesses. As an essential function of any business, Human Resources has many different facets of operation including new hire recruiting and onboarding, employee communication and training, performance management, coaching, compliance, and payroll. Having a robust HRIS in your corner when it comes to day-to-day business operations can give your company an upper hand. Cut the countless hours of time and effort to become more efficient and learn how to automate basic HR functions of your business and create space and time for Human Resources to operate as a true strategic partner.

Many companies are already paying for an HRIS with lots of functionality but are not using the system to its full potential. For example, performance management can be a tedious task that is often managed with complicated spreadsheets, rolling calendar dates, and arduous scheduling. An HRIS can automate the performance management process and make an otherwise tiresome task more enjoyable for both managers and employees. The focus shifts from a must-do tactical exercise to a value-driven investment in employee development and growth. After all, we know the importance of working ON the business, not IN it.


Are you fully leveraging tech in your business? In a study completed by Equal Parts in 2018, we found that expediting new employee onboarding recurring tasks through automation led to an average of $40,000 in cost savings year over year. For example, in a company of 500 employees with a 35% turnover rate and 25% growth, the total cost of onboarding each new employee without digital automations was $176. With digital onboarding, the cost was lowered significantly to $43 per employee. This produced an annual cost savings of nearly $40,000. This data was collected by simply utilizing the basic functions of the company’s HRIS, providing real-time analytics of cost per hire and turnover calculations. Imagine the time and money that your company could be saving by utilizing an HRIS!

Save on costs, increase productivity, and take hours of work off your team’s shoulders. Research your options and choose the right system to create a cutting-edge work environment that your entire company can benefit from. Or, ensure you’re fully optimizing the current system in place.

Equal Parts’ provides a fractional approach towards HR with a focus on helping organizations optimize their infrastructure. With a “hands-on,” integrated approach, we help organizational leaders drive institutional change and improve performance and productivity by working strategically and collaboratively to align business goals with their organizational culture for maximum ROI. Michael can be reached at or 760-487-8664. Please reach out to learn more about how Equal Parts’ can improve your organizations leverage of people and process.

Michael Valenzano is co-founder of Equal Parts located in Carlsbad, CA. He holds a Master of Professional Studies in human resources and employment relations with an emphasis in employment and labor law from Pennsylvania State University. He also holds a Bachelor of Arts in sociology from the University of North Florida and he is PHR® certified.